News 2015

Invasion of the eastern empire...

Mother Russia!! You better believe it; Life and death goes hand in hand. NOMINON will be heading to Moscow and St. Petersburg to perform for all you Russian Death Metal maniacs. March 6th and 7th are the dates. Check the flyers in the Gigs-section for further info/details.

Hail the hordes! чаша

January 2015

A New Malicious Year... A New Blasphemic Dawn... More Chaos Lies Ahead...

Never say never! NOMINON welcome you to the 22nd year of existence. And it seems to be a year full of surprises. We have more Gigs already confirmed than ever before, and during the holidays the band managed to write yet another two extreme cuts for any new upcoming release. NOMINON do plan to record another album or whatever this year, yet only time will tell if that will happen or not?!

New offensives lays ahead. NOMINON are confirmed for the legendary IN FLAMMEN FESTIVAL in Torgau, Germany July 2-4. Other bands on the bill includes fkn TERRORIZER, DARK FUNERAL, ANAAL NATHRAKH, ENTOMBED AD, VADER, HELL MILITIA, FUNERAL WHORE among others! What a diabolical bloodshed it will be. The band has also been invited to play a few shows in Mother Russia in early March, more info will follow on that.

During the last weeks of December the long-awaited split 7" EP "Baptsim By Fire" with NUNSLAUGHTER showed up. It was released by EMPIRE RECORDS from Belgium, and includes two new exclusive tracks with both bands. NOMINON presents a new one entitled "Rigor Mortis" on that one. Get yer claws on it before it's too late! Check Merch-section!

January 2015