News 2014

Whole lotta Death to worship...

The pack has just returned from the week-long European tour with our brothers VALKYRJA. Hail to thee who showed up and supported us through this ride of pure hellfire. Demonic blessings to VP and SW who stepped in and helped us to perform live during this tour. Also thanks to Björn Larsson and Amplified for supporting the hordes while being on the road. The confusion seems to be endless within the frames of NOMINON, but we're still around and ready to deliver the horror from beyond the graves. If you don' believe in Death you simply ain't no friends of ours.

However, sine there's no rest for the dead... We will march the streets again early 2015. The kick ass booking agency DOOMSTAR BOOKINGS has sorted out a brand new European tour for us that is set to take place already in April next year under the banner "European Death Toll 2015". This time we will share the stage and van with the classic Death Metal monsters CARDIAC ARREST from Chicago, USA. Most of the shows are already confirmed (as you can see on the flyer/event page), yet we hope to have the whole thing 100% booked within the next couple of days. This tour include performances both at the DOOM ROTTEN DEATH FESTIVAL in Germany as well as the highly acclaimed NEUROTIC DEATH FEST in Holland.

NOMINON are also set to headline the brand new Underground festival DEATH KILLS!! in Stockholm, Sweden that is set to take place February 27-28. NOMINON will play on the 28th. Other bands on the bill includes PROTECTORS, REPUKED, NATTAS, OBSCYRIA and many more.

The new split 7" EP with the "true" GRAVEYARD from Spain has now reached the NOMINON headquarters. It was released a couple of weeks ago by Doomentia Records. The ultimate MOTÖRHEAD tribute, both covering the legend, or how about "Deaf Forever" by the Spaniacs and "The Hammer" by the Swednuts!? Just Essential all the way. 6 EURO + postage, people. Only BLACK vinyl available. BUY OR DIE!!!

Autumn From Hell... Further offensives ahead.

After the successful performance at the brand new yet kick ass festival MÖRKASTE SMÅLAND in Hultsfred, Sweden during late September NOMINON are now ready to hit the streets again. In less than a month NOMINON will proudly march out side by side with Black Metal colleagues VALKYRJA to support them on their 10-year anniversary European headlining tour. This will mark the first proper European tour for NOMINON in more than 6 years, so be sure to don't miss out any of the following dates as you never really know if there will be a next time...

23 November - Dom Omladine, Belgrade, Serbia
24 November – Escape Metalcorner, Vienna, Austria
25 November – Channel Zero, Ljubljana, Slovenia
26 November – Backstage, München, Germany
27 November – Club From Hell, Erfurt, Germany
28 November – MUZ Club, Nürnberg, Germany
29 November – Autumn From Hell Festival, Hohenstein, Germany

More info and news will follow.


Towards the purgatory we walk with nothing but pride...

It's been a while since we last felt like letting you soldiers of death out there know what's going on at the headquarters of NOMINON. Well, now we are back to give you a hint of what's next to come, but before that we would like to once again hail all the ghouls who showed up to our shows in Spain in June. We had a blast performing to all you sick Metalheads, A special salute goes out to Javi and GRAVEYARD who put this little trip together and did it with nothing but pure passion for true underground culture and hemisphere. You guys are the greatest of the great. Hope to share another journey with you soon. Cheers also to John, Kyle and INCANTATION for always being cool no matter what.

Next up NOMINON will continue to work on new material as well rehearse for the upcoming show at the festival MÖRKASTE SMÅLAND that is set to take place September 26th and 27th, other bands on the bill are PRIMORDIAL, NAGLFAR, NECROPHOBIC, VALKYRJA, ENTRAILS, LORD BELIAL and many more.
Certainly a festival worth going to for any proper Metal skull.

Besides the forthcoming split EP with NUNSLAUGHTER on Empire Rds that we have told you guys about previously, we can hereby also announce that there will be yet another NOMINON / GRAVEYARD split 7” EP release coming soon through DOOMENTIA RECORDS. On this particular EP both bands will pay homage to one of the best Rock n' Roll bands of all time; MOTÖRHEAD. This EP is set to be out within the next couple of 5-6 weeks if everything works out as planned. NOMINON has already recorded a lethal version of ”The Hammer” at STUDIO HELL.

On the Merchandise side of things we have just got the first ever poster flag made, it comes with the grotesque and outstanding artwork that Juanjo Castellano did for the 20-year anniversary album ”Decaydes Of Abomination”. Remember the old classic Maiden flags that they made in the 80'ies?! Well this one is pretty damn close to them. ESSENTIAL! We also do have brand new blood red patches w/ Black logo. Both items were made in co-operation with ABYSS RECORDS from The States. For more sick merchandise from NOMINON, check our Merch-section or our store at


Further assaults confirmed...

NOMINON are set to play live at TPL RECORDS 30-year anniversary show in Motala, Sweden May 10th. Other bands on the bill includes NIFELHEIM, HELLTRAIN, VORNTH etc. The day before there'll also be a warm-up gig with DIE HARD, a tribute to MERCY (feat NIFELHEIM members) among others. So it looks like it will be a weekend full of nothing but METAL!! Make sure to get your ticket (price 250 SEK) to this gruesome event by dropping a mail to

The band will also make a remarkable return to Spain in June to perform three shows with the mighty Graveyard

June 27th Madrid, Sala Excalibur (+ Mass Burial, Oniricous).
June 28th Barcelona, Move your Fucking Brain Festival.
June 29th Zaragoza, Sala Utopia (+ Demonished).

Statement from drummer Perra Karlsson:
-"It's been a five year hiatus since we last played in Spain, and somehow now the timing was perfect to do this sort of mini-tour down there with our buddies GRAVEYARD. I can't wait for this mayhemic ride to start, it'll will go down in history (and most likely in flames), mark my words."

New release in the pipeline. A release for all you morbid deathbangers to look forward to during this summer. Since it feels like that it's been in the talks for aeons, it's with great sadistic pleasure that we can hereby announce that NOMINON will finally participate on a split 7" EP with the mighty fkn NUNSLAUGHTER from Cleveland, USA. The recording has already been sorted out by the band and engineer Robbie Ericsson at Studio Hell, Jonkoping, Sweden. The mixing and mastering of this new exclusive NOMINON track "Rigor Mortis" (to be out on Empire Records) has also been fixed by Javi Bastard at Moontower Studios in Barcelona, Spain. We're extremely satisfied with the result and can't wait to let you guys listen to this new piece of morbidity.

Also worth mentioning is that the NOMINON webstore has been updated, and we have lower the prices on quite a few shirts! Support the hordes, buy yourself a shirt, spread the mayhem or forever be a wimp! Here's the place to do go;

April 2014

In Blasphemy We Trust...

We know that you ghouls has been waiting to get hold of the split 7" EP with MORBOSIDAD & NOMINON. We do have some copies for sale now, and they are coming with a monster Gatefold as well as a Poster, on black vinyl. One EXCLUSIVE brand new track with each band. The price is 7 EURO + P&P. Send your order together with your name and full address to and we will get back to you with further payment details etc. Also feel free to check the RELEASES- and MERCHANDISE-sections for further information.

Speaking of MERCHANDISE, you're now all welcome to visit the webstore that we have put online. That particular page is a little bit more up-to-date compared to the one here on this very website, at least for the time being. Feel free to check it out!!

For the forthcoming show at Truckstop Alaska in Gothenburg February 21st together with NIFELHEIM and VORNTH we've invited no one less than our very own old compadre Anders Malmström (bassist on "Terra Necrosis" and "Monumentomb") to perform with us that particular night. More surprises might occur as well, you never know! Also worth mentioning is that the band is hard at work writing a new song for the planned split 7" EP with NUNSLAUGHTER, that is set for a summer release through Empire Rds.

February 2014

Welcome to another Hellish year of NOMINON.

To start with, we have another club show to present to all you undergroundish ghouls out there. Friday January the 21st we will perform at Truckstop Alaska in Gothenburg here in Sweden together with the mighty NIFELHEIM and opening act VORNTH. See you there!!!

Reminder; The "Decaydes Of Abomination" 1993-2013 collection is OUT NOW! If you want to get yer claws on the sinister and ugly Death Metal CD, we do have a special offer. For only 15 EURO (incl. Airmail P&P worldwide) this CD will be yours, just make sure to transfer that exact amount to our PayPal account and we will send a copy your way ASAP.
Spread the word!

January 2014