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The path to Hades is crystal clear..."TERRA NECROSIS" is OUT!
This exclusive ten track Digipack version will haunt you for the rest of your days. Enjoy the possession and make sure to get hold of it to unite Death and make world a living Hell!

"We are become Death"

Hail to you all...
Some of you might wonder how long you have to wait for the release of the brand new album "TERRA NECROSIS". Well, the release is not that far away so don't go kill your self just yet. We had some problems to solve concerning the templates for the exclusive Digipack-CD version (Konqueror Rds) that surely took quite a few days to work out. For now everything is settled and the printing process has been started as far as we know, so now it is just a matter of time before the album will be out there. A good thing to know is that this time around the distribution will be held by Plastic Head Distribution here in Europe.
The design for the vinyl version also took some extra hours to work out as well due to some problems that were more or less beyond our control. Yet, worth mentioning is that the vinyl version will come with a bonus poster in the A2 size. The vinyl will be here in a couple of weeks from now. Watch out!!
Since we are talking about the new album; "TERRA NECROSIS". For all you freaks across the Atlantic ocean... The wait won't be too long for you either. Deathgasm Records/IbexMoon Records will have the CD's printed during the end of June/early July and the "Official" release for the public will be via the very well-known R.E.D Distribution sometime during August over there. Of course we've saved a little surprise for all you Deathbangers in the good old US of A as well. What it is? Just wait until the CD will be released and you will find out for yourself. You better tell your local priest to start to pray, because the day of reckoning is upon us all and there is nothing they can do about it! Damnation will rule.

While waiting, go listen to the track "Among The Beasts & Ancient Slumber" on the NOMINON MySpace site! Play NOW, damn!

We can now present the long awaited T-shirt "Remnants Of A Diabolical History". Pulverised Rds (Singapore) made those and we will receive a bunch of them any day now!! Check out Merch (Clothes section) to order your own shirt!

Are you ready to meet Joe Black?
The CD design is now completed so now it's up to the involved labels and their printers to let them do their job. To ease the wait of the reaper, check out the fleshy sound samples of the tracks “Release In Death” and “Life Extinct” from the forthcoming NOMINON album "TERRA NECROSIS" at the MEDIA-section!

The end of the world is closing in...The ultimate celebration to Death and all that is unholy - TERRA NECROSIS. This is its front cover design. There's no time to evacuate, you'll die like the puppet you are.

We have updated the Gallery page with a few more or less ugly pixx from the recording of our new album "TERRA NECROSIS". We will probably put up a few more online later. Soon we will also unleash the cover design for the new record as well. Stay unclean and tuned...

The new catalogue from DEATHGASM RDS is out now. It's a fucking beast that you have to get your Metalclaws on. We're totally into the cover design over here, it looks brutal as Hell. Worth mentioning is also that with every order the label ship out a brand new FREE CD sampler that includes a track of the "Recremation" album called "The End Written In Blood" as well as songs from great underground acts such as: Quinta Essentia, Azure, Throneum, Abominant, Occidens, Manticore and many more! Click the catalogue picture to get more info about the whole thing!!!

On the third day in the third month we have decided to unleash further details and news about the coming third NOMINON album...
This supreme CD/LP will be entitled "TERRA NECROSIS" and is set to be released within the next couple of months. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered recently during two weeks at NECROMORBUS STUDIO, Stockholm, Sweden by owner and mastermind Tore Stjerna.
The following cuts will posses your soul and dead brain for more than 43 minutes:

1. Release In Death
2. Arcanum
3. Black Chapel
4. Ebola
5. Among The Beasts & Ancient Slumber
6. Life Extinct
7. Tabula Rasa
8. Hell Above
9. Bane Appetite
10. The Infernal Voyage

A few days ago photos for the new album were shot on location in Stockholm, Sweden. The design is now under construction and as soon as we have something more to tell you about it, we will make sure to do just that. Sooner or later we’ll also put some sound samples up.

Recording sessions for the third album is running well down in the pits of NECROMORBUS STUDIO. All the drums, guitars and bass have now been recorded. Tomorrow Daniel will start recording the vocals for this extreme piece of art, including ten Metal of Death hymns. The plan is to have the mastered version in our hands late next week. Release dates will be revealed to you within a couple of weeks. Hail Death!

Check out the GIGS!-section for some updates regarding the Finnish dates on the coming summer tour there with NUNSLAUGHTER and NOMINON.

The recording of the third full length album is definitely closing in. Last weekend the final rehearsals before entering the NECROMORBUS STUDIO in Stockholm were held at the headquarters in Jönköping. This new, yet untitled, album will contain ten tracks of pure Death metal. The material this time around certainly has a much darker approach and is bit more varied compared to the bands previous efforts.
NOMINON has also sorted out the agreements for this release now, and we can proudly confirm that the new album will be released and handled by the following labels/territories:
- DEATHGASM RDS / IBEXMOON RDS (North & South America, Australia)
- BLOOD HARVEST RECORDS (Responsible for the 12" LP vinyl release)
We'll keep you updated on how the recording is turning out and you better prepare yourself for the ultimate warfare that will show up during April/May.

The official dates for the "Nordic Nightmare Tour 2007" featuring NUNSLAUGHTER / DEMONICAL / NOMINON has now been confirmed, check GIGS for further details and make sure to be there in July to inhale your illegal doze of filthy Death Metal. See you at the funerals!

Strike of the beast... The march of the "Recremation" album never seems to end. The Aussie label ASPHYXIATE RECORDINGS is at the moment working on releasing the second NOMINON album even as a 12" Picture disc. For now it looks like this piece of art will become reality within the next two months. We will definitely keep you posted of the progress of this special and limited (500 copies) release!

Time to unleash the dogs from Hell...
NOMINON has now definitely been confirmed as one of the support acts besides landmates DEMONICAL to one of the very few last living pioneers of real fucking ugly and true Death metal, the mighty NUNSLAUGHTER from USA. This tour will take place between July 5th to July 17th and it will include at least one show in the following countries: Finland, Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, Sweden and Norway. It looks like there will be 12 shows altogether.
This is like perfect timing for NOMINON as the new album is set to be out on CD/LP during late April/early May. We'll be back soon with further details about all the confirmed shows on this coming extreme tour with NUNSLAUGHTER.

The pre-production recording has now been mixed and we can reveal some new song titles that you will definitely find on the next, yet untitled, NOMINON album. They are: "A Release In Death", "Black Chapel" and "Ebola". The band is right now rehearsing and completing the songs for the coming third album and the new stuff won't let you down. That's the statement of the day. Evil and Dark Death metal with a certain original touch.

The new issue (#25) of the American magazine EXPLICITY INTENSE (with a circulation of 20.000 copies) is out now. The new issue comes together with a compilation CD that include the track "Under The Five Pointed Star" from the recently released (in the US via Deathgasm Rds/Necroharmonic) album "RECREMATION".

Make sure to check out some more updated live pictures from the show with RÖVSVETT on December 28th that can be found now in the Gallery section at Various Livepixx!!

NOMINON welcomes you to yet another morbid year. A year that certainly will be full of hard work and we can promise you all that we do have a few awesome surprises that we will let you know about in time... For now we are starting the year completing the pre-production for the new album that will be recorded next month at NECROMORBUS STUDIO with producer and owner Tore Stjerna (WATAIN, FUNERAL MIST, ADORIOR...etc.)

Stay tuned to the asphyxiated sounds of the dead and buried...

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